Operating Instructions for Blodgett Commercial Convection Oven

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  Operating Instructions for Blodgett Commercial Convection Oven

  For your convenience all cooking equipment is tested for proper operation prior to delivery with the supplied propane tank.

  1. Check the quick connect/disconnect hose connection at the oven to make sure it is securely attached.
  2. Attach the regulator portion of the hose to the propane tank, use channel plyers or a large wrench to make a good tight connection. (This step is important to ensure the gas is getting to the oven)
  3. On the operating panel make sure the gas switch is in the off position, cool down switch to “auto” and blower on.
  4. Set desired temperature.
  5. Open the gas valve, check for leaks.
  6. Connect the power cord to a 110-volt outlet (When using multiple pieces of equipment do not overload the circuit)
  7. On the operating panel turn the gas switch to on; you will hear a ticking sound for about 10 seconds and the red light will turn on. (The red light will turn off when it reaches the set temperature)
  8. It may not light on the first attempt!
  9. If the red light does NOT turn on, try fully opening and closing the doors. If that does not work, turn off the oven and repeat steps.


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