Operating Instructions for Oven with 6-Burner Stove Top

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 Operating Instructions for Oven with 6-Burner Stove Top

 For your convenience all cooking equipment is tested for proper operation prior to delivery with the supplied propane tank.

  1. Check the quick connect/disconnect hose connection at the oven to make sure it is securely attached.

  2. Attach the regulator portion of the hose to the propane tank, use channel plyers or a large wrench to make a good tight connection. (This step is important to ensure the gas is getting to the oven)

  3. Top Burners Pilot Lighting: OPEN TOP BURNERS

  • Turn main gas supply “ON”
  • Wait 30 seconds and, using a taper, light the open top pilot
  • If pilot fails to light, turn main gas supply “OFF”
  • Wait 5 minutes and repeat the above procedures
  • Turn one open top burner valve “ON” to remove air from the gas line. Turn burner “OFF” when gas begins to flow

  4. Gas Oven Pilot Lighting: NOTE: Perform open top/griddle lighting instructions before lighting oven pilot.

  • Open unit kick panel and lift the pilot lighting hole cover.
  • Light pilot by depressing the reset button located behind the kick panel. Light pilot and continue to hold reset button in for 1 minute.
  • If pilot fails to light, turn main gas supply “OFF” and wait 5 minutes before repeating Step 2.
  • After pilot is lit, turn the temperature dial to the desired setting.


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